I have been working agressively on creating a social media program AND a social media event for businesses at work. 

I’m rather frustrated at the quality of speakers.  After tirelessly communicating, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, creating links and relationships, I know how hard it is to reach even minimal success.  These speakers are going to be showcasing their social media skills with only a handful of followers and friends on their accounts. 

I’m stupified and a little upset as bloggers work very very hard perfecting our pages and carefully writing a great post.  How can they talk about it when they really aren’t walking the walk?

Another thing, businesses, large and small, are not buying into the new evolution of the “Mommy Blogger”.  To have the mommy blogger in your pocket provides you with a world of opportunity when reaching your target market!   I mentioned the Mommy Blogger concept a week ago, and I am sure that the team thought I had three heads.

At the Body Shop Body Butter launch, I introduced myself and said I was “just a blogger”, but then I said “Trina, you are not just a blogger, you are the new form of Public Relations.  You are the wave of the future.  You can and will promote products that you believe in. You will walk my walk when it comes to sharing life experiences.”

I am a contributor to the success of Social Media, because along with thousands of other bloggers, I share and I work friggin hard to achieve my own personal Social Media goals.

So fellow Mommy, Daddy, and Social Bloggers give yourselves a pat on the back.  You are the future and you should be proud because you are not “just a blogger.”

If they don’t “get it” now, that boat may sail away before they have the opportunity to embrace our power.

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