So I heard today that Ellen Degeneres was coming to Toronto, Ontario, on August 11th,  for the Power of Women.  She will be a guest speaker.   I reviewed the sponsors and quickly realized that most of them select bloggers (if any) with Toronto connections.  We’ll I don’t have that.  Of course, I thought, impromptu, funny, and truthful is exactly what Ellen looks for!  Let’s get er done!

I have tirelessly tried to write sponsors and magazines to contribute time for the Toronto Film Festival.   Perhaps, I’m working an angle that I’ve never experienced before and I’m missing something??

However, I am a project manager and I’ve spent my life developing my business and my brand.  I know that starting small is an option, but if you have the opportunity to try to go big, why not?

So here I am, in my pre-shower, after a hot day, before bed glory!   It was painstaking to video myself like this, but I thought, what the heck, if Ellen likes what I have to say, great!  If not, then… is what it is.   I don’t mind being myself and loving who I am at all times!

This one’s for you Ellen Degeneres.  I hope I’m blessed with the opportunity to even cross paths in August.

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