IMG 0039 225x300 Welcome to the Family, Copper?

Well we finally decided on a new puppy.  Meet Chloe.  She is a Cocker Cavalier. Yes, I know she looks like a dashunnd. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if there was some erotic 3-way insemination.

My kids and husband absolutely adores her.  She’s feisty, something that Maddie never was.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t won my heart…yet.

I told the kids and hubby today that they should be thankful for my attitude because it means that they too will never be replaceable within a month.

I’m afraid my mourning period (despite wanting a dog) is taking a little longer.

Tonight, I tried to connect with her by taking a little walk.  Well, she had no idea how to work that leash and ended up trying to jump the leash rather than let it guide her up the sidewalk.  It was quite funny and a cute moment.puppies 300x223 Welcome to the Family, Copper?

Upon her arrival, she quickly dismissed me and went back to the kids.  I believe poor Chloe thinks I’m the anti-christ now.

I know this transition from puppy to family dog will take time.  I’m sure that over time my cup will run over with love for her as well.

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