I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and I’ve had many great experiences because of it.  I wanted to share some words of advice to some of my followers who are new on Twitter.  This may enable you to avoid the addictive state that I experienced over the past six months.

  1. Twitter is NEVER about you!  Always be ready to ask or lend an ear to that stranger on the screen who intrigues you.  This is about engagement nor narcissism.
  2. Twitter is an addictive place.  Once you’ve found a few people to talk to, the minutes become hours.
  3. Attend Twitter Chats that represent your personality or your Social Media Goals to gain more followers  PARTICIPATE!  I love #RBChat (Relationship Building) on Monday nights at 10pm.
  4. There will be nights where you’re the girl/guy in the corner.  Twitter is like a moody teenage girl.  Sometimes you’ll be chatting all night while other nights you’ll be saying “What the he** am I doing on this thing?”  Suck it up, it is what it is.
  5. Twitter is never about THEM!  If you don’t think that you’ll gain anything by being a clingy fan of an influencer…don’t influence them more.  Oprah didn’t make it to the top by being a kiss ass.  It’s all about differentiation.  What can you give that others don’t?
  6. In business, always assume that everyone is a potential prospect.  That stay at home mom quite possibly could be the wife of a man who makes gobs of money.  This husband may be a potential client for you!  Don’t be that guy/girl who shuns people on Twitter because of their “so-called” status.
  7. Use Tweet-ups in your area as a way to network. There are many wonderful people in your area, don’t be the one following the hashtags on the computer…get out there and meet people
  8. Celebrities are fun to follow but the likelihood of a response is 1/1,000,000.  However, there have been a few people that have had a response!
  9. Take your twitter experience up a notch. Start blogging so your can take your meaningful 140 messages and elaborate!
  10. Once you’ve gained the confidence of your followers, the ability to display how wonderful you are, and feel that you’ve achieved your goals, stay on Twitter but get a life.  Venture out and start speaking, write a book, or have more meet ups with meaningful people who you’ve met on Twitter.  Life is not about the analytics, the follows, or the mentions, it’s what you do with it in real life in real-time.

Live Loud….it’s impossible to do in 140 characters or less! However, Twitter does help you gain that confidence to do it in a big way!

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