After seeing Lady Gaga on Oprah, I have a new-found respect for this 26-year-old lady.  She’s wise beyond her years and fearless of what’s yet to come.  She can teach a thirty-something mother of two a thing or two about having guts and courage.  That in itself is quite extraordinary.

Just when we think we’ve lived our best life, someone like Gaga appears to show us that there is so much more life to be had!

From her anti-bullying advocacy to her amazing stage performances, Lady Gaga has worked tirelessly to bring faith to her little monster followers.  I mean if you have seen her in concert, you will quickly agree that there is no other performer quite like her.  After her concert, every other concert that I attended was just “meh!”

I salute my favorite artist today, not only because it’s her birthday, but also to celebrate the goodness and faith that she has restored in many of her followers.

I can’t wait to see her in concert again….yes, she is still the only person I’ll spend that money on and not regret it.


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