Mark of the Lion is a series of three books by the Author Francine Rivers. She writes Christian fiction and I was introduced to her writing through my mom.   The plot is outstandingly good. You get lost in the action, history and geography of the plot. These books are very will written and so in touch with the virtues of life.

The first book “Voice in the Wind” is set in the last days of Rome. The  stories of the emperor, the battles of the gladiators, the slaves and the pagan temples are so dramatic and depicted colorfully.

The story of Hadassah and her life continues throughout the books. Each character  either grows stronger or fades but only too resurface later.

I couldn’t put the books down when I started them. My friends have borrow them and said the same thing. You want to continue reading to reach the end to find out what happened. To me that’s a sign of a good book.

Francine Rivers also has other lighter reading and I encourage you to search out her novels and read them. I  enjoyed them immensely.

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