I thought it was an ingenious marketing move when Gaga labelled her fans Little Monsters.  Her persona as Mother Monster has evolved in the leadership role as advocate for several causes such as bullying and safe sex.

Beyonce’s “Bey” generation has now gone viral with her recent launch of a special Tumblr page where she shares her most intimate moments in pictures.  (Man that woman is gorgeous!) This Tumblr page is part of her newly launched Beyonce.com site.

Naming herself the “Queen Bey”, Beyonce provides a dictionary for the new “Bey” generation and offers up some “Bey” topics to discuss on Twitter.  Let’s just say by the response, many fans are already hanging by the hive waiting to see what the Queen Bey will say next.

Excerpt from: Beyonce.com

“Perfection in Everything that she does” really explains Beyonce and her power couple status with Jay-Z in the music industry.  She has the persona of the young Whitney Houston, sweet and kind.  She has a little bad girl in her and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.  She’s a creative genius with her musical prose and artistic video creativity.

Beyonce is the whole package and I do not doubt that she works tirelessly to achieve it.

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