Today I was thinking about a few things… One of the thing I was thinking about were dating shows such as the bachelor, bachelorette and Tila Tequila shot at love… Mostly Tila Tequila shot at love… Anyways I remember in  Tila’s shot at love, Tila had all the boys and girls sleep in one huge bed and one episode I guess two people were making out in the bed and when Tila found out and she was mad and sent them both on their way out the door because they betrayed her or whatever… Now see, dating shows such as shot at love and the bachelor doesn’t make sense to me… Shows like this make me mad because your only allowed to date the one guy/girl but they are allowed to see other people and pretty much hook up and cheat on you and you have to put up with it and possibly get dumped at the end of the day! See, I couldn’t do it.. I hate sharing things and sharing a man with 12 other girls would make me mad and feel gross inside! That leads me back to the two people kissing in the bed, I don’t see that being a issue because Tila was seeing both of them + 20 other people… What’s wrong with kissing when your both dating the same person and they technically cheat on you all the time?? I don’t know how I feel about that…

Well, that’s really all I wanted to rant on about!
Have a good Tuesday!

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