I’ve become a workaholic. I have to admit it.  My life has taken a drastic turn since 2014.  I’ve blogged less.  Taken less concert photos. Listened less to my family.  Attended less to my family’s needs.

I’m very fortunate as my children are 19 and 21 and should have to make decisions on their own.  But nonetheless, it’s always nice to have your mother lend an ear to guide you down the path of least resistance.  I’m also very fortunate that I have awesome kids who understand some of the time.  I also have a workaholic husband who happened to change into a more managerial role since my own personal journey has taken place.

A workaholic is a person who works compulsively. While the term generally implies that the person enjoys their work, it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it.

My Workaholic Ah-ha moment watching Super Soul Sessions with Oprah and Friends

As I lay here still after watching the special #SuperSoulSessions, with Oprah Winfrey and friends,  I realize that my cup doesn’t runneth over anymore.  I no longer feel the adrenaline rush similar to what I feel when I’m at a concert taking photos front stage.  Nor do I feel the passion I had when I wrote a blog post for all to read.  It used to give me such euphoria if even one person read it.

Much like old bread, becoming a workaholic has made me stale.  There was a point where I wasn’t even seeing friends because I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the week.  Yes, the party queen turned into the party pooper over night.

Another thing that being a workaholic has made me is controlling.  I’ve always be the sort of person to encourage others to live their best life, when in actual fact, I’ve turned myself into a person who get frustrated and agitated when things don’t operate in a “business fashion”.   I’m always the optimist, but sometimes reality gives you a swift kick in the arse and says “You know better than that.” and you try and try and try to steer the course, but to no avail.  This is where anyone with a little common sense would meditate to the phrase “Let go and let be.” to find some semblance of peace.

Being an entrepreneur with limits

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely exhilarating, but it can also be exhausting as you spread yourself thin and give more than you actually agreed to.  All for the sake of producing and delivering on your promises.  Sometimes, you’ve done enough…but if control takes over, the ability to convince yourself that it’s not enough becomes much easier.

So cheers to Super Soul Sessions.  I intend to live my life to the fullest.  First and foremost, taking care of my health that is whispering to me over and over and over again.   Secondly, I went to Live Nation and applied for photo passes today to do something that brings me utter joy.  Last, I’ve started making a goal chart for 2016.   I want to bring the 360 joy I had in my life.  I lead a very simple life and I want to keep it that way.

“Expectations are resentments in waiting.” – Kerry Washington

You can bring the horse to water, but never EVER can you make them drink it.  I must remember this as my journey as an entrepreneur and consultant continues.

Make sense?  This is the first heartfelt post I’ve written since 2014.  I am a workaholic and it changes now.


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