George Glover is just like any homeowner in Canada and the USA these days– home renos are always at the top of his ‘to-do’ list.

A couple of years ago Glover, who is from London, ON, set out to give his kitchen a makeover.

So, he got to work right away to find the right kind of granite countertops that would blend in perfectly and accent an old space that he wanted to make new again.

He took his time doing his research and scoped out a handful of countertop companies in the area.

After a few weeks of hunting, he finally found a company that offered the granite countertops he envisioned for his renovation project.

It was during that visit with the local company that he noticed piles of granite remnants sitting around outdoors everywhere, some of which was being thrown into waste removal bins.

Curious about all the leftover remnants and their disposal, he asked the sales representative, “What happens to all the leftover materials?”

Glover recalls the response from the sales representative. “The person told me that unfortunately the scrap granite is taken away to a local landfill, and that his company didn’t have any use for it.”

That comment sparked an interest in Glover to research what, if anything could be done with the leftover scrap granite pieces.

Glover knew that the granite was so beautiful to look at, and it was simply too nice to waste.

After several months of research, planning and hard work, his company was born – RealStone Granite Products.

RealStone Granite Fire Place For HOSS

And the rest is history.

Glover’s company, which is based in London, now uses recycled granite remnants to make their popular outdoor fire pits, which are becoming a big trend for those looking to give their backyards a makeover.

His company designs, manufactures and sells their granite fire pits to outdoor home décor enthusiasts across the province and Canada, and even in the USA.

“I just had a hunch I could do something productive with all that material,” smiles Glover, who is the founder and president of RealStone Granite Prodcuts.

Glover and his crew found that these granite scraps would be perfect for the creation of original and personal outdoor granite fire pits.

They’re a big craze now among home and cottage owners who want to spruce up their backyards and scenic landscapes.

“Fire pits enhance the look and feel of a property and they make for great getaways only steps from the backdoor,” says Glover.

“I knew I could take junk and turn it into useful products for people who own homes or cottages,” says Glover. “People now are on the hunt to take their outdoor spaces and make them new again, and my hunch was correct. Fire pits like ours are big sellers as they provide a flair of intrigue and eloquent ambience.”

The recycled granite used to construct Glover’s outdoor fire pits (gas and wood burning) is actually three times stronger than actual concrete, and they are more affordable than most would expect.

Even better is that the wood or gas fire pits are stylish on every level and blend in perfectly with the great outdoors. The fire pits add a new meaning of décor and warmth too in open spaces. These fire pits come in a variety of colours and you can even match the granite stone to fit your deck or patio.

“Our fire pits are made from granite remnants, so we are thrilled to be playing our part in being environmentally responsible. And homeowners and cottage owners also appreciate the fact that when they purchase our fire pits they are helping to reduce our environmental footprint by 750 lbs or more each time.”

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