This weekend was a really interesting one. First, the open house went wonderfully with seven viewers. I’m hoping that by the end of the week or beginning of next we’ll have an offer or two. I’ll be so happy to get this house off my back.

I have been ill since Thursday. Oddly enough, I felt great yesterday, but today I’m down for the count. I still had to leave the house for the open house and pick up my Grandson for the night. We went to bed at nine. Here I am up, snotty, stuffed and wide awake at 11:30.

Finishing the housework coupled with my therapy sessions progressing well, I’m far more at peace with life. I’ve had my ups and downs for sure. But, I’m far more at peace full circle. I have not succumb to any depression or anxiety pills, although they have been offered up. I simply recognize that this is yet another blip and with the help from my therapist, we’ll get through it again.

Contined the next morning……

Firstly, Good morning readers! Looks like a slow day at the office! My eventful weekend didn’t include going back or chatting to any exe’s, nor will it ever. So, you can go back to the kids.

I’m 51, not 80

I have had quite a go since the beginning of the year. I really haven’t been doing too much to fill my days. As told to my therapist, I have been drinking more than I would like to be. We talked about that and I explained to her that my head goes so fast all day long. When I have a drink, it’s in quietness and its then I can write it all down and make sense of it. I feel it’s very short term as I have a ton to do to rebuild my life again. I’m very aware what drinking can do to make us stagnant, lazy and preoccupied with things that do not serve our greater good.

I’ve also been chatting with people on Facebook dating. Saturday night, I had it. I was done being a keyboard warrior and I had to get out. I was talking to two different David’s; One in Guelph and the other in Delhi. Anyway, I told both I was going to a local pub. I invited them to join me. Not a date. Not even a first meeting. Just people who are fucking bored on a Saturday night and wanting to get out of the house. It took me a half hour to go from drab to fab!

Well one David showed up. The other David doesn’t like smokers. This particular David doesn’t drink, so we drank coffee. It was a pretty good night to be honest. I did get home at 9:30 since I had to finish preparing for the open house.

Well………the next day I received 28 messages in total. All about kissing me the next meeting, how beautiful I am…etc. I asked my daughter about it. At first she said, well did Dad or XXXXX ever say those things. I was like nope. She said that maybe I’m holding back because I’m not used to that flattery. As we drove, more texts came in and on the way home. She’s like ya, he’s a love bomber Mom. It’s awkward.

So anyway, I wrote him a very nice text after I put my Grandson to bed. Said that I’m all for friendship and seeing where things go. No kisses, no sleeping together, just go slow. Then I received this.

“Well wanted to talk on phone but I’m off the market as of an hour ago lol good luck hun you are beautiful. wish you all the best from life”

I think I dodged a bullet. Every encounter is a lesson learned. This time I’m done with keyboard dating. I’m going to get out more, live more, socialize more and be more. This whole online dating thing is ridiculous. My Daughter recommended Bumble friends where you meet people who are looking for friends and groups to hang out with. I may try that.

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