Freedom as a single person gives you a lot of power, grace and insight. I actually love being single and writing about my experiences as it enables me to see the triumphs, the mistakes I’ve made and the things I need to learn in the future. Man, this one NEVER ends. Disconnecting from my ex-husband was far easier because all I had to talk about was my feelings, my fears and my growth. He did some crap that hurt me, but at the end of the day, he left me alone and that was probably the best thing he could have ever done.

Last night was a shit show where I got accused of the most ridiculous stuff. I tell ya, I’ve learned so much from this horrendous experience. He’s emailed numerous times just to say “Hey, I’ve moved on! Look at me!” I’m like why the hell are you writing me? Then, I go on my spiel of honesty, regret, and push back. I really don’t think he feels he made the right choices by the amount he checks me out and communicates. I have one email where he says he’d never do her again ever, but I think he has just to have someone in his life. She was the key to his family. She was the key to his child. She was the key that controlled everything about his life. Good on him for accepting that abusive behaviour if he has chosen to do so. Everyone I knew wanted to make bets with me. I think they would have won the bet.

I bit into every email every time with discussion. Well, not anymore. It’s done and I will never ever respond again. His life is not my problem anymore.

Last night I was accused of following his co-workers….I’m like WTF?

You’re right we may cross past one day. You can post whatever you want. Stating all your stats and that I can look at your web page. You put me out there like I’m a lunatic. You know what you don’t have to reach out to my coworkers and a girlfriend of his. You know what you might have your stats and your ways of following people in knowing what they do because you’re way better on the internet that I am. But when I hear this out of people’s mouths. That means something to me. I don’t need to see what’s on the internet or stats. Why you reached out? I have no clue. What is your interest with my coworkers following you or them following or you following them? So don’t fucking keep posting your little I’m the victim bullshit when you’re playing these games. As long as you’re public online I can look at it whenever I want to it’s no different than fucking looking up grocery prices from No Frills, food basics. It doesn’t matter you posted you take the good with the bad. And I know you’re all about analytics and all that crap knock yourself out. But like I said why you would reach out to my coworkers? I don’t get it? You got some pretty good snive remarks about me texting you I bought me emailing you here and there. You know what Trina you’re one of them all. You’re the victim. Everybody seems to be a victim nowadays..

Seriously, I was like what the fuck? I had no clue where that came from…so i responded.

Love you too XXXX.  If your gal is that special, quit bothering me please.  Why are you alone so much with a new girlfriend?  It HAS to be XXX as the puppet master calls the days you’re allowed to be in her presence.  Or maybe you have a new one of those XXX’s.  I know I was always excited to see you and there was no restrictions on your visits.  So demand that from your new love PLEASE.  I’m moving on like you said to do.  You’re doing exactly what you did with me to XXX. Just dedicate yourself to her and love her properly this time around.   I said, I’m at fault completely for accepting the bullshit craziness of how you treated me.   I’m sorry I wasted so much of your time.

I have no clue what you’re talking about re: coworkers.  I don’t talk to any strangers, so I’m lost.  As far as your coworkers go, I have no clue.  From what I’m getting, perhaps I followed someone and his girlfriend?  If that’s the case, it was under “someone you should follow on instagram or tiktok.”  If they showed up there, it means that they are watching me and I have no clue who I followed.  So please enlighten me! I don’t search for anyone besides my feed, Cooper Alan, Matt Lang and a few other singers.   So they must be looking at me and the algorithms see that and recommend them to me.  So, it’s obvious that you’re making me a laughing stock at work.  Thanks.  Typical of you.  Always the victim. Go get some help for that. XXX did a good job on you.

After going to bed, I asked myself “Why am I explaining myself to someone who is still obviously playing two sides of the fence AGAIN!?” My suspicion is that he’s playing the same two he played a few years ago! He said those words before “It’ll never happen again.” Sounds so familiar. So at 3AM, I wrote this.

Please do me one huge favour.  Just fuck off.  Fuck off bigger than anyone has ever fucked off before.  Who I talk to, follow, hang out with, or write about is no longer your business.  You set me free on December 18th. So, what I do or say is no longer your concern or your business.  You had your chance to be involved in my life and you walked.  Not my problem.

You can’t do to me what you did to XXX and she did to you.  Leaving little pieces of you dragging around with little texts while dating someone else. She loved it and so did you. She wants her puppet to always be her puppet.  I don’t play her sick game.  I want a man, not a puppet. YOU decided it was done and that’s exactly what I’m doing. 

So watch me all you want.  Talk car wash trash about me and have your little friends cry “OMG she followed me.  She must know that I’ve been watching her stuff.”  Give it up and move on like you wanted.  You got your woman. You got your buddies. Most of all, you got your beer.  You know what i got? The satisfaction of knowing it’s a free fucking world, where I can write about what I want, who I want, and when I want without your input or anyone else’s.  This is not the XXXXX and XXX saga that’s filled with emotional abuse and control.  No, this show is all mine now, and as I said, please go fuck yourself.  It’s not my problem that your woman doesn’t want you around every night like a normal 50 year old woman would. 

You had that, you left it, and good riddance.  Please leave me alone.


And that’s that. Sometimes you just have to say it like it is!

I will not tolerate any man who feels the need to play with my mind while he’s alone on his perch. If he has a woman, she should be there or he should be there. I will never be that third wheel again. I was especially surprised to get an email on a Saturday night. We had a relatively nice conversation, but why was he alone on a Saturday night?? He has no one who actually cares about him and his well being, so I imagine he’s in the same abusive rut as he was when I met him. Not my problem anymore. I’m rid of the whole traumatic package along with the drama and the trauma for good. Going forward, living my best life with good honest people.

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