Well, back to school is tomorrow… For most people my age.
I really messed up my life last year and really screwed things up for me.

First mistake was letting people take control of me. I let this one person control me to the point where I thought we’d be together this time this year and should wait to go to College together. So I let the person throw out my college pin number which was the biggest mistake of my life.
Second mistake was skipping class because I was to afraid to go. Last year I spent allot of my time at home because I was afraid that a group of people would belittle me in front of the whole school. Well, they did it perfectly without my attendance record being up to par. Heck these girls even chased me down on the road, tail gating me and later made tweets about it.

Third and last mistake was never standing up for myself and surrounding myself with people who loved to see me hurt. I let so many people push me down and tell me I was no good.

I’m really upset on how things turned out, now all my friends are moving to College, or out of my little town and I feel like I have nobody which kinda sucks because I should be moving on with them. I’m trying to find something to do out of this town but I have nothing which is a lie. I have a whole year to continue my schooling and maybe fix some mistakes.
This is my year to make money so I don’t have alot of loans to pay back. This is my year to shine and I plan to do alot of soul searching this year.
I’m not sure where to start, but when I find my starting point, i’m sure i’ll let everyone know.

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