After spending a painful night in bed with the flu, I am now sitting quietly, coffee in hand, thinking about all the freaky thoughts I had when my temperature was over 100.

I have worked so hard to get my parent’s place listed. My vision became a reality yesterday. That’s probably why the flu hit. I could finally breathe. Well, I’m back to being ship shape again and feeling just fine.

Thoughts of Places to Live

Well since my last relationship didn’t pan out, I am swaying towards single forever. While I love the idea of falling in love, investing my life and finances with someone to build a new life, I’ve come to realize that it’s more difficult at my age than ever. Again, another reason why I’m very happy that it didn’t work out sooner than later. I could have sunk a lot of money into a relationship that would have left me high and dry.

Initially, I was going to head to Italy for an Eat, Pray, Love adventure. While that may still happen, I really need to focus on a budget for the rest of my life. Jobs will not be as plentiful as they were 20 years ago when I was a young whipper snapper.

Quebec City, QC

My whole life, I’ve said that I wanted to live in Quebec City for a year and be absolutely alone. The fear of not knowing a lot of French scares me, but I am a pretty stubborn chick. Quebec City is so beautiful with so much culture. I think I may apply to a few places and see where it goes.

Gatineau, QC

During the time I lived in Ottawa, I used to go to Gatineau a lot. I loved the park and the beauty of Outaouais. I’d have to find work on the Ontario side, but I may have the ability to get a little creative too.

Halifax, NS

I am debating on the East Coast. It’s really not something that’s calling out to me though. I know things are a lot cheaper that way and, being single, that would take a load off my back. I may reach out to my friend Lori-anne to see if I can stay with her and explore that option for a week or two.

I think instead of Italy, I may just travel where I may want to live. This will give me the opportunity to research, find work, and really get a feel if I’d be happy in one or all of these places. People think I’m nut selling without any clear plan. I have so many friends that have come forward. I have a mover, a storage facility and places to crash while I decide my next steps.

I’m clearly very blessed with all the friends I have. I’m so happy that I write and share my journey. Without it, I’d be pretty much on my own and trying to figure it all out.

Til Next Time,


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