New Year sees Return of Winter Classic

Ice hockey took a huge hit last year when the 2012/13 lockout all but destroyed the season for players and fans alike. More than 50% of the League’s fixtures were cancelled and the Winter Classic was set back a year. Thankfully, on 1 January, the Toronto Maple Leafs travel west to Michigan for a clash with Detroit in the freezing outdoors. That’s right, the Winter Classic is back! Of course, NHL betting fans are used to cold temperatures in the rink but an open-air game in northern United States is just as chilling as north of the border. January temperatures … Continue reading New Year sees Return of Winter Classic

What is Smallenfreuden? The Answer is here!

A Brief History of Smallenfreuden What do you suppose Smallenfreuden (an English/German portmanteau meaning “the joy of small”) means?  Small billboards have been popping up across Toronto asking residents if they Smallenfreuden? Do you Smallenfreuden? I think that the hype created by Smallenfreuden is a brand’s attempt to create hype (online and off) before the big reveal of a new product.  Good move!  Hype is always good if you can pull it off. I’m going to take a guess…hmm…I’m assuming that the brand may be of German origin.  I’m assuming that the “small joy” reference is a small vehicle that … Continue reading What is Smallenfreuden? The Answer is here!