Lavish Dream Hair Extensions

Since the beginning of the Summer I’ve been very busy and well things are looking amazing for the next year! Anyways, recently I’ve received Lavish Dream Hair extensions and let me tell you I’ve never felt so confident! I’ve had regular hair extensions before but usually they were for making my hair look a bit longer and a bit thicker. The extensions I have from Lavish Dream are so much better I can tell you that! They make my hair look 10x longer and healthier and give my hair much more volume! Usually, I buy regular extensions and I sew the clips … Continue reading Lavish Dream Hair Extensions

Your 5 Biggest Facial Flaws

Life & Beauty Weekly: Beautiful You Fix Your 5 Biggest Facial Flaws By Shana Aborn for Life & Beauty Weekly Facing the mirror in the morning can be a challenge when you notice a pimple, dark spots, those little lines around your eyes or other common skin flaws. But there’s nothing you can do other than cover them up with makeup, right?        Think again! The correct products and preventive measures can give you the lovely complexion you’ve always wanted, says Dr. Julia Carroll, Toronto dermatologist, director of dermatology at the Medcan Clinic and associate at Bay Dermatology Centre.  Here’s how … Continue reading Your 5 Biggest Facial Flaws


The Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, by Garnier is the all-in-one skin care that gives 5 benefits: Hydrates, corrects wrinkles and imperfections, protects with SPF 15, evens and brightens skin tone.

What is a BB cream?

BB creams have been popular in Asia for a number of years and they’re just now available in North America. “BB” stands for blemish balm or beauty balm.  Initially, they were originally developed for laser surgery patients to help soothe, protect and heal it.

BB creams that are designed for the public are multi-functional products, designed to hydrate, protect and heal the skin. While different brands will vary slightly, a BB cream will give you some or all of the following: no-makeup look, an even complexion, hydration, sun protection, soothe sensitive skin, conceal blemishes and offer anti-aging properties.

My Review

I’m not one to review a product on a whim.  I’ve been using this product for 2 months now and I have come to a decision;  It is amazing. I have literally stopped using foundation and use this as my base coat.

Now I realize that I will need something very powerful and expensive to completely rid of my rosacea , however, this balances my skin while feeling fresh and hydrated.  Not many moisturizers or foundations can accomplish this with my skin.  As well, it doesn’t burn like many over the counter products that I’ve experimented with.


Initially, Garnier was kind enough to provide 2 Medium/Dark Miracle Skin Perfector BB Creams to me.  However, much to your dismay I have already given one away.  My friend, who recently went through brain cancer and is in remission, has experienced some issues with her face and I gave one of them to her.  I just couldn’t think of a person more deserving!

However, I have kept one for you!    On May 14th, my 18th Wedding Anniversary, I will be giving away 1 Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector to one of my readers (valued at $20.00 CDN). Offer valid to Canadian Residents Only. Good Luck


This is who I am.

I will never be this girl. I will never be this girl either But I will be myself. A girl who can tell you everything about her self. I tell you way to much info. and I might regret it. But seriously im a kid. I am allowed to be stupid Sometimes I don`t want to be serious. so I begin to goof off. I can also be that girl who will take an opportunity when it is given to me. I can be a fan who crys when you grab her camera and take the photo I am a granddaughter, A … Continue reading This is who I am.