Parents..sigh…but Being Rude is Inexcusable

I feel like the lowest of the low right now.   To put it in clear perspective, I feel like the ignorant son on Grand Torino that wasn’t interested in talking to his father over the phone. My parent’s called from Brockville to inform me that they were on their way to my place.  They came from Gaspe Quebec completely unannounced. You see generally life as we know it stops when they visit and they are here for a long period of time.  There are so many times I will say that they should just move up here.  I am … Continue reading Parents..sigh…but Being Rude is Inexcusable

The Face of Cancer – My Friend’s Journey

Cancer has no Prejudice Cancer isn’t selective as it strikes the young, pretty and rich. She just turned 40 and I see the fear in her eyes. You would never know it though if you didn’t know her. So vibrant with a love for life; a simple life. She doesn’t require a cell phone, LCD televisions, or fancy furniture to make her house a home.  She’s happy with second-hand goods and appreciates them like they are new. All she wants is her friends to be happy and her kid’s safe.  Then, the worst thing happened on Easter Weekend, cancer selected her … Continue reading The Face of Cancer – My Friend’s Journey

The Game of Life

Last night, I read the last column, written by Jill Summerhayes, of the Cambridge Times. I was astounded that they terminated her column due to the fact that she spoke about family and values opposed to the general interests of the community. It is a growing community after all, who wants to hear about her life? General interests? What are our general interests and how does the exterior noise of the events around the world affect the true meaning of life? Sure, these issues make great discussion around a table. They make for great debates on radio shows, such as … Continue reading The Game of Life