A Little Thought, A Little Education, A Little Turmoil

First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Brandon Crisp. This is a very sad case where it’s becoming more obvious that it was a tragic story that ended in a horrific accident. Teenagers are head strong and I know in my experience, I’ve seen Christina stomp out my door and head down the road. Fortunately for me, she always returns within minutes. This has been an ideal example to speak to your kids about. Myself, I didn’t sugar coat it and I will continue to be open and honest once the autopsy results … Continue reading A Little Thought, A Little Education, A Little Turmoil

Your Child’s Online Safety

Days since Layoff: 2 months and 9 days Emotions: Thanking God that I’m not Brandon Crisp’s Family. Daily Activities: Submitted story to CBC Literary Awards, Facebook, Reading Writing Magazines and Books, Roller Coast Tycoon, Housecleaning and Figuring out Finances.Yes, absolutely their could be many things worse than being unemployed.I’m an avid listener to Jeff Allen on 570 news. I love his common sense and his daily topics. Yesterday, the topic of Brandon Crisp and the investigation of the Gamer’s on XBOX live came up. First and foremost, I agree that everyone who was in communication with Brandon should be contacted … Continue reading Your Child’s Online Safety