Red Bull Introduces Three New Flavors In Canada!

Red bull helps you stay awake and on your feet. Red bull gives you energy and, of course Red Bull gives you wings. I’ve always been a huge fan of Red Bull and when I heard they were introducing three new flavors in Canada I was excited. The three new Red Bulls are the red edition, silver edition and blue edition. The new editions are the same lightly carbonated formula as the original Red Bull but the taste will be enhanced by the new crisp flavors. The launch of the new editions and the innovation in flavor came from the … Continue reading Red Bull Introduces Three New Flavors In Canada!

Paramore – Paramore CD Review

I’m a huge fan of Paramore! I love them and there is no doubt about it. Paramore released their new CD “Paramore, Paramore” on April 9th 2013. I recently purchased the new CD since I am a huge fan of Paramore. I found the songs on the CD were different to Paramores other CD’s. I think it’s an awesome change. The songs are very catchy and to be honest this CD has been one of their best CD’s yet. I also love Heyley’s new style! It’s such a great change. This album is a lot of fun including the interludes. I … Continue reading Paramore – Paramore CD Review