I’m so Excited and I Just Can’t Hide it!! #MMVA

Frumpy me and my daughter…will look better tomorrow! After sleeping outside on the streets of Toronto to experience a #fail attempt of Much Music Wristbands….My daughter and I are heading to Toronto tomorrow!  We won passes to the Broken Heel Diaries Celebrity Gifting Suite for the Much Music Video Awards! Soooo cool.  I think the best part for me is meeting the bloggers who are hosting the event.  Well, as everyone should know by now, there’s no way I’ll fit into the likes of Bench or Marc Jacobs….but it IS Father’s Day Sunday….and I’m away. The best thing for me … Continue reading I’m so Excited and I Just Can’t Hide it!! #MMVA

Maria Aragon & Lady Gaga Ate My Heart in Toronto

Lady Gaga ate my heart, at the Air Canada Centre, on March the 3rd, in Toronto, Ontario.  This is my very first BIG concert experience and it was fabulous. Initially, I unsuccessfully tried to win tickets through venues like Virgin Radio 99.9 and Much Music Canada.  In the end, I waited five hours in line in hopes to be one of the few to have the chance to purchase tickets.  At exactly 8 pm., my hopes were granted.  It was a car payment, but so worth crossing this concert off my “bucket list”. From Boys, Boys, Boys to Born This Way, her talent and … Continue reading Maria Aragon & Lady Gaga Ate My Heart in Toronto

#WHAMBAM 2010 – Kiss 92.5 In Toronto Rocks

This weekend I took my daughter and her best friend to WhamBam 2010.  It was a phenomenal show.  Thanks to Kiss FM 92.5, the girl’s met their favorite group, Down with Webster, received an autograph from Adam Lambert, and rocked out with Kardinal Official, Spouse, Aleesia, & Fe Fe Dobson to name a few. Roz Weston, from Kiss FM and ET Canada was so cordial to his fans.  Not to mention, he is HOT, HOT, HOT. Mocha Frap, who we miss dearly in Kitchener, will go so far in his life.  He’s especially hot in my eyes, he’s personable, and … Continue reading #WHAMBAM 2010 – Kiss 92.5 In Toronto Rocks

Just A Day in the Life

Well life has been good the past month. I’m enjoying my “peace within” immensely. I enjoy the job that I am doing and I do not mind the drive. However, this week was a killer with the snow. It took four hours to get into Toronto on Tuesday and two and a half on Wednesday. I made the sign of the cross that two and a half hours is my cut off point from now on. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting five feet past an exit on the 401 and dreading not taking it as you’ve been at a … Continue reading Just A Day in the Life

Toronto Film Festival 2008 – Pride and Glory Premiere

From Toronto Film Festival – Day 3 – Pride and Glory Premiere, posted by Trina Stewart on 9/10/2008 (26 items) Arrival at Roy Thompson Hall Inside the Lobby awaiting the celebrities Ed Norton Announcer Director Cast….Colin Farrell and Jon Voight was a no show. The CN Tower was pretty cool this evening. Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher Continue reading Toronto Film Festival 2008 – Pride and Glory Premiere