What a Day to Contemplate the MMVA’s

Call me obsessive or a freak, but this 38 year old woman has a problem!  Call the DOCTOR! Why is it that when a particular event is happening something stirs inside of me like a sleeping lion awakening to see a big steak outside its cage? Again, like the Juno’s, I want to go to the Much Music Video Awards.  I see all of these blogger’s writing about something and THIS is what I want to write about!  It’s like I can feel it, taste it, but I’m doing something wrong in order to achieve it!  Or am I? I’ve … Continue reading What a Day to Contemplate the MMVA’s

Living is Singing from the Soul

Life is ever changing. Our thoughts change. The people around us change. Our Job, Social Status, and finances change. Our ability to be at peace is challenged each and every day. The only thing that remains the same is our soul’s inner desires. T. Stewart I’m not going to beat around the bush.  It has been 3 months where I have made a vow to change my life.  Changing one’s life is not easy with a husband (whose very adamant that making money, owning a home, and living the norm is the way to live) and children who are changing … Continue reading Living is Singing from the Soul

I Am Right Where I Should Be

Well here I sit, at 8:55 AM, with the same pathetic knot in my stomach that dissipated last Friday to enjoy the long weekend. I am right where I should be. I haven’t taken any calculated risks, my job hunt has been typical to the previous, and my finances are dwindling. BUT that’s ok…..with me anyway. I chose this route back in 2009 when I started accepting whatever came to me because of fear. My career has gone from Operations Manager to Office Clerk in the blink of an eye. Why? Because I’ve chosen this path and I’m right where … Continue reading I Am Right Where I Should Be