Does Your Hair Need Some TLC?

Expert QA DIY Hair Mask Recipes By Shana Aborn for Life & Beauty Weekly A DIY hair mask is a great way to pamper your hair. Using a home hair mask regularly will keep your hair looking shiny and gorgeous, as well as repair damage from the sun and frequent blow-drying.   Although there are excellent hair masks available on the market, you can also make your own with some simple kitchen ingredients. Try these DIY hair mask recipes for your hair type: For fine hair: Mix a tablespoon of honey in half a cup of full-fat milk. Apply to … Continue reading Does Your Hair Need Some TLC?

Hair Extensions – Care and Maintenance

Hair extensions has really helped with my frustration of not being able to grow my hair.  As well, it’s a HUGE boost to my self esteem. I recently went to my stylist to trim my hair and extensions. Yes, hair extensions gets split ends as well! She informed me that most hair extensions have a life span of 3 months. However, there are many things that you can do to make your hair extensions last a little longer. This video provides you with a few tips on how to maintain and care for your Lavish Dreams hair extensions. Continue reading Hair Extensions – Care and Maintenance

No Lie! That Big Wrinkle Has Me Thinking About Cosmetic Procedures

It’s no lie.  My husband and I are aging, and the idea of having a cosmetic procedure has been a serious discussion around the dinner table.  After our experience at the Revive Magazine Pamper and Cocktail party (where they offered free Botox treatments), I’ve been considering having some sort of treatment to get that youthful glow that I so desire. During the event, we opted out on the free Botox treatment.  However, when my husband and I left, we were kicking out butts for not taking advantage of it! Botox Cosmetic Procedure – A Great Way to Hide the Odd … Continue reading No Lie! That Big Wrinkle Has Me Thinking About Cosmetic Procedures

Clearasil’s Top Tips For Great Skin

It’s time to talk skin. Understanding how factors such as nutrition and poor habits affect the skin can help jump-start a skincare routine while improving overall wellness. Here are eight great tips to help make acne pimples a thing of the past: Maintain a regular skin cleansing regimen: Make a concerted effort to cleanse your skin every morning and night to rid your skin of oil, dirt and dead skin cells. The buildup of dirt, skin oils and makeup clogs pores and may cause acne. Try using Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash, followed with Clearasil Skin Tone Acne Treatment Cream … Continue reading Clearasil’s Top Tips For Great Skin

Put Your Best Feet Forward

Life & Beauty Weekly: Beautiful You Put Your Best Feet Forward By Nicole Pearl Kaplan for Life & Beauty Weekly If it seems like you’re on your feet all the time, it’s because you probably are! Running from place to place throughout the day is really hard on your feet. And since regular pedicures are as much a pipe dream as weekly massages and afternoon naps, you need a quick way to combat calluses, cracked heels and brittle toenails. Thankfully, you can clean up and beautify your feet at home in not much time. Check out these expert strategies for … Continue reading Put Your Best Feet Forward