The Shocking Result of the Casey Anthony Trial

I recall when my children were three.  They loved to hide in the clothing racks at Wal-Mart.  Losing them for 30 seconds was enough to put me in a frenzy.  However, a jury of twelve decided that not reporting your child missing for 31 days wasn’t enough to convict Casey Anthony. Seriously, I don’t know how I feel about this. There’s a little bit of outrage.  I feel like this factor alone couldn’t have made me believe anything but guilt. There’s a little bit of doubt. I think she had something to do with it, but yes, I feel the … Continue reading The Shocking Result of the Casey Anthony Trial

The Children In Our Life

I arise to the occasion that both my children are teenagers, I also realize quickly that this could quite possibly be the worst stage of childhood growth. I hate it as it’s mentally draining and, as parents, you’re always on edge. My children have many friends and as I look around me each child has changed drastically, including my own. I was having a rather serious conversation with a friend who I’ve known since my daughter was in Grade 2. Her family has become part of my family over the years. As we talked about our parenting ups and downs, … Continue reading The Children In Our Life

My God it Feels Good to be Alive!

I feel so liberated today, I could sing. Instead, I’ll get ready for a new job tomorrow. Last week was brutal. This woman who replaced me has worked there since the end of time. She is a pro at my old job. I spent two grueling days with the biggest control freak on the face of this earth calling everything that I created “Stupid and ridiculous”. I just wanted out. I hated the job but I worked my ass off to accomplish the task of providing homeowners with the luxury of heating and cooling in their homes. It happened, customer’s … Continue reading My God it Feels Good to be Alive!


Dear Mr. Harper, Please find attached my Request for Proposal for the money allotted in the 2009 budget for bailouts to assist in the prosperity and growth during this economic downturn. Since you appear to be willing to bail out companies utilizing billions of dollars of the taxpayer’s money, I thought it would be appropriate to encourage Canadians to do the same by starting my own request. We are the people and we need to survive. Due to the current economic situation I have been unable to find a job despite sending out over 400 resumes to date. I have … Continue reading RFP: FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF CANADA: BAILOUT

The Game of Life

Last night, I read the last column, written by Jill Summerhayes, of the Cambridge Times. I was astounded that they terminated her column due to the fact that she spoke about family and values opposed to the general interests of the community. It is a growing community after all, who wants to hear about her life? General interests? What are our general interests and how does the exterior noise of the events around the world affect the true meaning of life? Sure, these issues make great discussion around a table. They make for great debates on radio shows, such as … Continue reading The Game of Life

Being Unemployed Stinks

Days since Layoff: 3 months and 7 Days. Emotions: Loving life, happy I’m 36, and realization. Daily Activities: Living the good life, cleaning, baking. I see myself as a fairly easy going accommodating person. I will do anything for my friends and family. Most of the time, I try to go above and beyond the call of duty. However, as anyone, I have expectations from my friends to reciprocate as well. Sure, there are friends that I chat with occasionally and see rarely where their presence is not expected nor anticipated. But God Damn, I’m so sick and tired of … Continue reading Being Unemployed Stinks